Dark Comic Thriller Romance

Cooking for Cannibals

Fountain of youth? More like murderous medication!
“At times hysterically funny, at others times thrilling, and sometimes both at once, COOKING FOR CANNIBALS will appeal to readers of medical thrillers, satire, speculative fiction, and horror, to start. Part zombie fiction, part something you’ve never read before … Leder manages to pull off a novel that is at once a black comedy and fast-paced thriller, setting it apart in the crowded thriller genre, and existing in a genre of its own.” — Self Publishing Review


“Darkly mischievous … vigorously manic … Surprisingly touching and tender … for readers with strong stomachs, a dark sense of humor, and a need for some off-the-rails, comically violent catharsis in these dull Covid-infested days, Rich Leder’s delightfully bizarre COOKING FOR CANNIBALS may be just the ticket.” — IndieReader