Let There Be Linda

A deranged dog.
A death-defying shakedown.
A disastrous development.


“Dark as all get-out, and funnier than just about anything else you might have read recently.” —Amazon


“Definitely one of the best humor books around!” —Amazon


“Definitely a five star book. Although it’s a crime novel, the best thing about Let There Be Linda is its quirky humor. It is the most absurd, extremely hilarious story I have read in a long while.” —Amazon


“The funniest-ever journey. Ingenious!” —Amazon


“A deliciously dark, wonderfully funny book!” —Amazon

Dan Miller may be a smooth-talking swindler, but he’s still in the hole. So when his malicious moneylender comes to collect, digging up $75K is going to take a miracle. Lucky for him, his latest client can breathe life into the dead.

Reunited after their mother’s passing, Dan and his strait-laced brother hatch a lucrative plan to resurrect a coke-addled dentist’s beloved poodle. But when the undead dog goes bloodily off-script and a wannabe-comedian cop starts chasing them, the Miller brothers discover a trouble shared is not a trouble halved. So they bring back their mother to clean up the mess.

Can they get their hands on the cash before the loan shark renders them deader than mommy dearest?

Let There Be Linda is a comic thriller for fans of hysterically dark humor. If you like incongruous characters, breakneck hijinks, and demented twists and turns, then you’ll love Rich Leder’s heart-stopping tale.

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