Workman’s Complication

She can sing. She can dance.
But can she solve her father’s murder?


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“This book is awesome!!! Really funny and also a great detective/mystery. The characters are great and the story is action packed.” —Amazon


“A fun read! Offbeat, gritty, and refreshing all at once.” —Amazon
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Kate McCall dreams of basking in the bright lights of Broadway. But after her PI dad is found dead in a New York City elevator, she has no choice but to split time between show business and the family business. When her vampire musical fails to pay the bills, she accepts a workman’s compensation case that’s sure to put her acting chops to the test.

On her way down the trail of clues, she can’t help but get sidetracked by her father’s unsolved murder. With the help of her melodramatic co-stars, Kate tries to bust the compensation scam and shine a spotlight on her father’s killer. Her first act seems like it’s working until she’s named the prime suspect.

Will Kate crack her cases before playing detective becomes a role to die for?

Workman’s Complication is the first in the hilarious Kate McCall Crime Caper mystery series. If you like rocking good whodunits, unlikely women sleuths, and laugh-out-loud fun, then you’ll love Rich Leder’s zany tale.

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